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Dental Health Resources

Here, our Sheppard Yorkland dental team shares helpful resources, tips, and advice to help you achieve your optimal level of dental health.

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Manual vs. Electric Toothbrushes

Manual and electric toothbrushes can both be used to effectively clean your teeth but which is best for your smile? Our North York dentists discuss the benefits that electric toothbrushes may offer, depending on your needs.

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Types of TMJ Disorders

Your temporomandibular joint - TMJ - is one of the most complex joints in your body. Here, our North York dentists discuss the causes and symptoms of three types of TMJ joint disorders.

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What You Should Know About Root Canal Recovery

The idea of getting a root canal may sound scary, but understanding what to expect during the recovery can help you to come out of the procedure knowing how to maintain a healthy smile for years to come.

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10 Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Our team at Sheppard Yorkland Dental, knows that healthy teeth and gums contribute to overall wellness. Today, our dentists share their top 10 dental hygiene tips for keeping your smile healthy.

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Do I have sleep apnea, or am I just snoring?

Sleep apnea and snoring may seem similar, but they are two completely different issues. Here, our North York dentists explain the differences, and why they're important.

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Root Canals: Are they really that bad?

In the past, a tooth with nerve damage would probably need to be removed. These days, however, our North York dentists can perform a root canal procedure to save a tooth with minimal time and discomfort. 

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Proper Teeth Brushing Technique

Thoroughly brushing your teeth is important in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Our North York dentists explain the proper techniques for effective brushing and why these tips are important to follow at home. 

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Composite Dental Fillings: What are they and when are they used?

At some point, nearly everyone develops a cavity that needs a dental filling. Despite how common they are, most people know little about the different filling options. Today, our North York dentists are here to tell you about composite fillings.

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Sleep Apnea - What It Is & Treatment Options

Sleep is a vital component for maintaining good physical health and overall well-being. That's why our North York dentists offer solutions for sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. Here, we explain what sleep apnea is and some available treatments. 

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Components of an Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

An effective oral hygiene routine is more than just regular brushing and flossing. At Sheppard Yorkland Dental, our North York dentists and hygienists review all the steps you should take to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

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