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Emergency Dental Services in North York

Experiencing a dental emergency? Call Sheppard Yorkland Dental, located in North York, for convenient and efficient same-day emergency dental services. 

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What is a dental emergency?

Unexpected dental emergencies can be stressful. If you require immediate dental attention, such as for a chipped tooth or lost crown, Sheppard Yorkland Dental is here to help.

Prompt attention to urgent dental situations is important. Receiving treatment as soon as possible can help save your natural tooth, prevent an infection from developing, and, most importantly, help relieve any dental pain you might be feeling.

Below are some common dental emergencies that our dentists should treat right away. Call our dental clinic so we can schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Lost Crowns

    Crowns are built to last, but sometimes they break or fall off your tooth prematurely. If this happens to you, don't panic. Call our office right away for an appointment. 

    In the meantime, find your crown, rinse it gently with warm water, and place it in a container to bring to your appointment. In many situations, we can reattach your existing crown and save you the money and time of having to get a new crown made.

    Ideally, you should receive dental care the day your crown falls out, but we know this isn't always possible. If your uncovered tooth is causing you pain, get some temporary dental cement or wax from a pharmacy to cover your tooth until your appointment. This will help protect your tooth until you can visit our office. 

  • Lost Fillings

    If a filling falls out of your tooth, call us to make an appointment as soon as possible. You should try to get a lost filling replaced as soon as possible as the exposed tooth is susceptible to decay.

    Keep the area clean and avoid chewing on the affected side until you get the filling replaced.

  • Chipped or Broken Teeth

    Do you have a broken or chipped tooth? Try to find the missing tooth, put it in a clean container, and bring it to your appointment. Your dentist can potentially reattach it. Whether the piece is found or not, call our office right away to have it repaired.

  • Knocked-Out Teeth

    If you can find your knocked-out tooth, gently pick it up by the crown (the top part of your tooth - not the root) and rinse it with warm water. If possible, re-insert the tooth into your socket and bite down softly to hold it in place.

    If you cannot reinsert your tooth, place it in a container of milk and bring it to your appointment. If you're experiencing pain, you can apply a cold compress against your cheek. 

    Call our office as soon as possible. The sooner you can be treated after a tooth has been knocked out, the better the chance your dentist will have of saving it.

    If your tooth cannot be saved, we offer restorative options, such as bridges, that can be used to replace your missing tooth. 

  • Swelling, Pain or Discomfort

    Are you experiencing mild to moderate swelling, pain, or discomfort in your mouth or jaw area?

    Call us as soon as possible and follow these steps to alleviate pain in the meantime:

    1. Apply a cold compress to your cheek, on the area where you are feeling pain. 
    2. Take an over-the-counter pain medication.
    3. If the pain is coming from inside your mouth, use salt water to flush the area that is in pain.

    Please note that if the swelling impacts your breathing or you are bleeding heavily you should seek emergency medical care at a hospital as soon as possible. 

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