Oral Sedation for Dentistry

Posted Feb 1st, 2017

Oral Sedation for Dentistry

If the mere thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair makes you feel tense, uneasy and even scared, you’re not alone. Our North York dentists offer oral sedation services to help you feel at ease.

If you avoid the dentist like the plague, your oral health may not be what it should be. Sedation dentistry can help you get the treatment you need, without the stress and fear.

Today, we’ll explore one of the most common forms of sedation used by dentists: oral sedation.

How does oral sedation work?

Oral sedation comes in the form of a pill. Most often, the pill is Halcion (which is in the Valium family). For mild or minimal sedation, the dose will make you feel drowsy and relaxed, but you won’t actually fall asleep. If you are given a higher dose, you may feel drowsy enough to fall into a light sleep.

How is oral sedation administered?

The pill is taken orally, and is either placed under the tongue to dissolve, or simply swallowed whole. Both of these methods are safe, and take effect within a few minutes. You can take the medication as little as an hour before your procedure, or it can even be taken the night before, to help you sleep if you’re feeling nervous.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Keep the following steps and precautions in mind when preparing to undergo dental treatment with oral sedation.

  • Make sure your dentist knows about any health or medical issues you have, because these may have an impact of on your before- and after-care plans.
  • Be sure not to eat or drink anything six hours before your appointment.
  • Have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment, and also have someone available to take care of you while you are under the effects of the sedation.
  • After the appointment is over, drink lots of water to stay well hydrated.
  • Be prepared to take some time off of work for the appointment. If your appointment is short and the sedation dose small, half a day should be enough. For more length appointments and stronger doses, take a full day.

Have more questions about oral sedation and dentistry? Our North York Dentists can help, so get in touch today!

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